Transportation Options

We highly encourage you to use public transportation going to and from events, fields and the airport!


TriMet public transportation – via MAX Light Rail, Bus and Portland Street Car

Detailed information below. TriMet also offers a Trip Planner to easily figure out the best transportation option and routes from your starting and ending points.

MAX Light Rail

The MAX trains run about every 15 minutes most of the day, every day. MAX has 5 lines, all of which run through downtown Portland and head out to the suburbs. More info…

Note: Some lines stop operating at 1:00 am and do not start again until 4:00 or 5:00 am, so be sure to check the schedule if you are out late at night!

Bus Service

TriMet buses serve much of the Portland metro area. Many bus lines connect with the MAX Light Rail, WES Commuter Rail and Portland Streetcar. Most bus lines run every 15 minutes or better most of the day, Monday through Saturday.  More info…

Taxi/Cab Service

Information about some of the taxi companies in Portland. Please note that none are endorsed by IGLFA PDX.  More info…